17th Annual Lupus Race for Life

La Mirada, CA

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I'm a team member of: Kelly Rose

My mom has lupus. You wouldn't really know she does, unless you get to know her or our family. It's just something she has, it doesn't define who she is as a person. She always takes care of me and whatever I need. Even when she doesn't feel great, it always seems to happen. That doesn't mean I can't see how hard it can be for her, because there are days where it's really tough, but so is my mom. She's stronger than anyone I know. Being part of this event is showing her I care and that I want to make a difference.  We have lost good family friends, my aunties, to lupus. It's a devastating disease. If everyone truly worked together we could find a cure. People would live longer and have a pain free life. So please, consider skipping Starbucks just one day, and if we all did that can you imagine how much we could raise? How quickly a cure could be found? My mom sometimes talks of who she used to be or what she could do, I'd love her to be able to be who she was before she got sick. Wouldn't that be cool?


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