17th Annual Lupus Race for Life

La Mirada, CA

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It has been a little over a year since the last race and as we look forward to the 11th of December, I know there will be some that won't be able to participate this year.   Every year before the race - we stop to share a moment of silence for those that have lost their personal race to Lupus.  It is a time of reflection for me. A time of gratitude because I can and want to run for those that can't.  The course is a bit tough (hilly) and my goal is to come in at 45 minutes.  I am hopeful to come back to each of you to let you know I met my goal.

I thank you in advance for your consideration to donate to Lupus.

Don't forget to stop and enjoy the day - I know it is Christmas, but I challenge you to bring back the real Spirit of Christmas and enjoy your families and all the simple pleasures that surround you!




My Contributors

Jordan Brafman $50.00
Olga Goss $100.00
Angela O'Malley $20.00
Maggie Bove-LaMonica $50.00
Anonymous $20.00
Araceli Astredo $100.00
David LaMonica $100.00
Name Undisclosed $100.00
Kristin Linden $50.00
Francesca Piumetti $50.00